Often you should vacuum your home?

How often you should vacuum your home depends on many factors. Dust particles are minute, but it takes a pile of layers before being visible to our normal eyes. Many professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, like Keplerfm, suggest cleaning our homes periodically to avoid dust-related health issues. Dust may have mold, bacteria, dust mites, and worn-down fabric pieces that might cause allergic reactions as well as diseases.

What are the causes of dust in the house?

Traffic and pollution - Traffic density and pollution levels in your residential location are the main contributing factors to dust accumulation.

Low storey apartments - The ground and first few floors get more dust than the middle and top floors.

Us - Our clothes and shoes carry dirt from outside, and we shed dead skin and hair cells every day. Wikipedia says that “Dust in homes is composed of about 20–50% dead skin cells.”

If you feel that your home needs some deep cleaning, you can call house cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to refresh your home.


Other causes

Nearby construction activities, having pet animals, flower pollens brought by wind at home are the other causes for dirt, dust & fur and warrant daily vacuum

What are the hidden places of dust and dirt in the household?

Although you are not allergic to dust, unclean houses cause poor air quality. If you are busy and have other chores to accomplish, you can always hire deep cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to make your home squeaky clean.

Some appliances and furnishings attract more dust in the home that needs extra attention.

Electronics – Many electronic appliances and gadgets collect more dust from the air as they have a cooling fan inside them.

Carpets cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Carpets and rugs have more dust than the rest of the floor. They generate dust and trap the dust brought by the air circulation.

Sofa cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Sofas have intricate places where the dust collects, and we never notice. Upholstered sofas have more dust than other kinds and need more frequent vacuuming with a HEPA filter to remove dust mites and other harmful dust particles.

Mattress cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Uncleaned mattress carries nearly 10 million mites along with their droppings. Now that’s very unpleasant! Imagine sleeping on the mattress every night! Of all the places on earth, why do mites live in your mattress? Because they feed on dead human cells!

Curtain cleaning Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Curtains get dirty often as they gather dust coming through the windows.

Dust always collects in the corners and top of the doors and cupboards due to the air circulation. But, thankfully, you don’t need to spend hours cleaning these as you can get house cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to make your home fresh and new.

Take Away

Vacuum cleaning of the house often is inevitable to avoid allergic reactions and health issues. Electronics, carpets, mattresses, sofas have more dust than the other places. Not only for your home even for your office you can book office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai if you need some professional vacuum cleaning of the place. After all, a clean home is a healthy home!

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