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Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Pet Owners

Pets bring us joy and they are the real mood changers when we are sad. In one word, they are awesome.

But in certain occasions they can be in the suspect list when there is a cleaning need arises. Still it doesn’t mean that you must remove the carpet to avoid accumulating the hair, stains and odor that seem to come. There are certain solutions or tips to keep your carpets clean and tidy.

Prevention is better than Cure: Scotchgard protection

Scotchgard is an effective multi-purpose solution to protect your carpets, upholstery rugs and furniture especially in the high traffic areas. If you apply the protection coating with a professional company or hire some personal you can do the scotchgard protection in the professional manner. The scotchgard protection adds a layer of protection against dirt, water damage, mold, bacteria, oil and water based stains. With the application of scotchgard the durability of the carpet or the furniture will improve and applying scotchgard to your carpets and furniture will help release more stains when having carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned by allowing spills to blot before staining. It helps carpet fibers resist soiling. It will even make the vacuuming more effective.

Pet Hair, Steins and Odor

Pet hair can accumulate on everything, especially carpets. A shedding pet can leave a trail of hair across the floor than can quickly clog your vacuum cleaner. You can easily make a lint roller using the paint roller and wrapping a masking tape on it. Before vacuum roll the lint roller for few times over the carpet. Vacuum clean your carpet at least 3 times a week.

Steins in the carpet can present a challenge, especially if steins are older. Steam cleaning is not a good idea as because the heat will set the stain. Renting an extracting carpet cleaner to force clean water into the stained area of carpet and extracting out the dirt water can help with some stains.

Odor, before attempting any enzyme treatment to remove pet odors from your carpet, use an extracting carpet cleaner to force only clean water into the carpet and extract it back out. Using only water will remove any chemicals left in your carpet from previous cleaning or treatments. You can use powdered odor eliminator products that utilize bio enzymatic ingredients to eliminate the bacteria that cause odor.

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